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Snoopy Restoration

12/7/10 - Brett stripped apart the S52 today. Next step is assembly.

11/27/10 - Today Matt and I bought a 1995 525i with the intention of collecting the parts we need for the swap. We got more then we bargained for. We ended up with an extra set of wheels (Thank you to Brett who provided us with late 70s Camaro wheels as donors so that the car could remain a rolling chassis), A full ODB1 swap and much more. It was a long day of work but Matt, Brett and I got the car stripped and had some time left over to play with some BFHs.

11/3/10 - Brett and I picked up a S52 for Snoopy with the help of Matt's truck. The motor has under 130k on it. We still need to source parts from a 525i for the swap but this is a huge step in the right direction.

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