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Experience: Auto-X, Track (HPDE), LeMons Pit Crew

Cars Owned:
1985 BMW 535i
1992 BMW 318ic (Sold)
1987 BMW 325is
2001 BMW M5
1997 Land Rover Discovery (Sold)
1995 BMW 525i (Scraped)

Bio: I have been taking cars apart since I could remember. My father (David) taught me to work on cars with our first project, a 1970 Chevy C10 with a 396 Big Block. Since then, I have been hooked. I have been auto crossing for over 4 years and have been participating in track days for about 2 years. I currently drive a 1987 325is as my track car. I look forward to driving in the LeMons Series of racing with the other members of Double It Dave Racing.

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