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Age: Uknown - but he's pretty old

Experience: BMWCCA Auto-X competitor (not competing currently)
Several track days driving E36 M3s
Several track days on various sport-bikes

Bio: If it goes vroom, zoom or boom I'm generally interested. While I was brought up with a passion for cars over the years I've also grown my interests in motorcycles and firearms as well. I've been around the block a few times and back so I'm not a stranger to going fast. That's not to say I'm very good at it but I can almost guarantee that I won't be the slowest person on the track. I've competed in local club level auto-x events and I've done several car track days but I don't have much track racing experience. I'm also too old to be a fast and furious street racer but I know which cars out there will probably kick my butt so I can generally tell when it would make more sense to save the gas money. I'd like to say that I'm the "older and wiser" member of the team but to be honest I can at least say I'm the "older" member. While I'm not a foolish or reckless driver on the track I'll definitely make sure you work hard to earn the position ahead of me. If I can't beat you on the track you better take a teammate with you to the port-o-potty because I might lock you in. But don't worry, I'll try to remember letting you out at the end of the race.

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